1487 Tierra Buena Dr

San Jose, CA 95121

Property Basic Details

property Documents

Reports & Disclosures

Home Inspection Report

6068 Golden Vista Dr Residential Inspection Report

Natural Hazard Disclosure

1487 Tierra Buena_Property ID Easy NHD_Disclosure Report Summary

1487 Tierra Buena_Property ID NHD Invoice

1487 Tierra Buena_Property ID Residential NHD Report

1487 Tierra Buena_Property ID SignaturePages


1487 Tierra Buena_City_of_San_Jose_Tree_Maintenance

Agent Visual Inspection Disclosure from Listing Agent

1487 Tierra Buena_California_Consumer_Privacy_Act_Advisory

Carbon Monoxide Detector Notice - 412

Disclosure Information Advisory - 623

1487 Tierra Buena_Fire_Hardening_and_Defensible_Space_Advisory_Disclosure

1487 Tierra Buena_Fair Appraisal Act Addendum

1487 Tierra Buena_Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationship

1487 Tierra Buena_Fair Housing and Discrimination Advisory

1487 Tierra Buena_Lead based paint for Tenant

1487 Tierra Buena_Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure Acknowledgment and Addendum

Market Conditions Advisory - 1221

Megans Law Data Base Disclosure - 623

1487 Tierra Buena_Possible_Representation_of_More_Than_One_Buyer_or_Seller

1487 Tierra Buena_Radon Gas and Mold Notice and Release Agreement

Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement 1 - 623

1487 Tierra Buena_Sellers_Affidavit_of_Nonforeign_Status

1487 Tierra Buena_Seller Property Questionnaire

1487 Tierra Buena_Sellers Intent to Exchange Addendum

1487 Tierra Buena_Sellers_Advisory

Solar Advisory and Questionnaire - 1222

1487 Tierra Buena_Square Foot and Lot Size Advisory

1487 Tierra Buena_Statewide Buyer and Seller Advisory

1487 Tierra Buena_Trust Advisory

1487 Tierra Buena_Water Heater and Smoke Detector Statement of Compliance

1487 Tierra Buena_Water Heater Statement of Compliance

1487 Tierra Buena_TDS-1 Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement

1487 Tierra Buena_Wildfire_Disaster_Advisory

1487 Tierra Buena_Use of Non-Standard Forms Advisory

1487 Tierra Buena_Wire_Fraud_Advisory

Escrow and Title Reports

1487 Tierra Buena_Preliminary Report - CA

1487 Tierra Buena_CC&R_Part1

1487 Tierra Buena_CC&R_Part2

1487 Tierra Buena_CC&R_Part3

1487 Tierra Buena_CC&R_Part4

1487 Tierra Buena_CC&R_Part5

Solar Document

Solar Document- Shows the Solar System has been paid off in full.