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Fariba Lance

As a highly seasoned real estate broker, I possess the precise expertise that enables me to identify the full range of potential benefits that any property may offer, both now and in the future. Drawing on my years of expertise and the comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics, I can readily discern the most effective strategies for optimizing outcomes and safeguarding your financial interests. By leveraging my vast knowledge and proficiency in navigating complex transactions, I can help you save both time, energy and money, while ensuring a seamless and strategic insights for your investments.
Real Estate Broker associated with BRG Realty

Hello, my name is Fariba Lance. I am a highly experienced and accomplished Real Estate Broker-Owner of Achievers Real Estate and also associated with BRG Realty. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 18 years old, and I’ve always had a passion for working with people and helping them achieve their goals.

With my decades of experience in the real estate industry, I’ve sold over 1,000 homes, originated well over 1,000 home mortgages, and represented countless home buyers, making their dreams a reality. I’m proud to say that I’m among the top 1% of real estate brokers who have successfully represented both buyers and seller in dual agency transactions. My impartiality and fiduciary responsibilities have earned me the trust of countless happy clients.

I believe that honesty, ethics, and transparency are crucial to building strong relationships with my clients. That’s why I’ve always put my clients’ best interests first and have never been sued for any transaction because I always look out for them. It may be hard to believe that, given how many real estate transactions have resulted in lawsuits by others, but I take my fiduciary responsibility very seriously, and I will not allow any kind of dishonesty in my practice, ever!

I’m also a life insurance broker, and I use my license to help my clients plan for their retirement through fixed annuities. I provide my clients with the knowledge and education necessary to make informed decisions and achieve higher returns on their investments.

At Achievers Real Estate and BRG Realty, my commitment to helping my clients achieve their goals is the driving force behind my success. If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced real estate broker who puts your best interest first, contact me today to learn more about how I can help you achieve your real estate and financial goals.

Hi, my name is Fariba Lance. I am a Real Estate Broker, Commercial Mortgage Broker, Life Insurance Broker, and the President of The Missing Code Inc. and DBA Achievers Real Estate.

I have been an entrepreneur my entire adult life since I was 18 years old.

I love helping people, therefore, I plan to stay in businesses that help others forever since this is my most rewarding work! “HELPING YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS IS HOW I ACHIEVE MY GOALS ” is my business slogan.

I am very WORLDLY and HIGHLY EXPERIENCED in the Financial and Business world. I have 37 Years of experience in the Real Estate World. During my long successful career, I have SOLD over 1000 homes, originated well over 1000 home mortgages and represented many home buyers, making their dreams a reality!

I am among the 1% of the 1% or less of those Real Estate Brokers who have had many Dual Agency Transactions where I have represented buyers and sellers in the same transactions at the same . I have ALWAYS had HAPPY CLIENTS, because I am Honest, Ethical, Open & Transparent with Buyer and Seller without leaning one way or the other! I take my Fiduciary Responsibility VERY SERIOUSwhichthis has proved to be the foundation of my Success!!

I have NEVER been sued because of any transition where I have represented any of my clients or team members’ transactions since I have always overseen ALL the transactions. It might be hard to believe since so many real estate transactions resulted in lawsuits! I will not allow any kind of dishonesty in my practice, ever!

Since my reputation, career, and how comfortable I feel about a transaction are all very important to me, I have canceled and walked away from transactions where there was dishonesty on the part of buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers as soon as I realized something was amiss.

I use my life insurance license to help my clients plan for their retirement by helping them get their funds into Fixed Annuities, where they will get much higher returns on their investments! This will help them have HIGHER supplemental income during their golden years and retirement!

I have originated hundreds of Residential Mortgage Loans over the years. I have helped many business owners set strong business foundations to grow and get high credit scores. I love helping business owners make their dreams come true and watching their businesses become successful! Business owners get into business for themselves because they have high hopes and dreams! It’s not fair that most of them go out of business in the first 2-3 years. This is due to a lack of knowledge. I provide business owners with the knowledge and educate them on how to build their businesses from the ground up! I also help them get the funding they need to fuel their business!

“Helping you Achieve your Goals is how I achieve my Goals”! This is the Foundation in my Business!

My Achievements



Fariba understands the psychology of winning.


This means Fariba can mentor newcomers to become successful in business and in life.


Completed the entire course and is a life member of this organization, Fariba is a Certified Luxury Home Specialist.


FULL HONORS (this means Fariba knows how to lead people, so they follow and succeed in life.)


Fariba is a certified mentor and a master real estate mentor.

Experience is a crucial factor in the real estate industry. As an experienced professional, I have had the privilege of successfully closing over 1000 transactions, including providing financing for my clients. It is vital to understand that every person and transaction is unique, and circumstances can vary from one client to another. As such, it is critical to have extensive experience and knowledge to navigate the complexities of an individual situation. It is why experience matters so much in the industry, and it allows me to provide my clients with the highest level of service and expertise.
I pride myself as a senior real estate broker and as a role model for all (including new agents) who want and need that kind of support from me. Most of the time, I get into transactions with agents who have no experience, but only a real estate license, which means they have not yet experienced a closing or have only closed one or two transactions. I am a caring and loving person with a kind heart filled with love for everyone!


Fariba Lance has been a Century 21 CENTERION AWARD Winner, over and over and over again for many years! Fariba has always been a successful Professional Realtor!

CENTURY 21 Hall of Fame Award Winner—All and all, she was with C-21 for about 20 years of her career! (This means that at least 5 Centurion Awards have been awarded to Fariba, within 7 years) and then Fariba automatically entered the prestigious Century 21 Hall of Fame and received her award!

Fariba was a Master’s Club member for many years while working with Century 21 Real Estate, consistently maintaining her membership year after year.

Fariba had Multi-million Dollar Production Awards from Realty World Head Quarters for many years while she owned and operated her own Real Estate franchise.

Fariba has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades from various organizations for her exceptional sales production and contributions. In addition, she has received recognition from local politicians in the communities she has served over the years for her efforts in providing additional benefits to both neighbors and the neighborhood.

Furthermore, Fariba has been acknowledged for her ongoing membership with the Santa Clara Association of Realtors, which she has maintained since the inception of her career.

Fariba has maintained her membership with MLS Services since the start of her career. Additionally, she has occasionally joined different MLS services in other areas where her clients expressed interest.

Fariba is a certified Master Fire Walker under Tony Robbins International. Her expertise has enabled her to assist individuals in developing self-confidence and conquering their fears. She believes in the power of one’s thoughts and how shifting focus can change lives and help individuals become leaders.

Fariba has assisted numerous individuals in making the decision to walk across an 8-foot or 30-foot fire lane, a feat that requires tremendous focus and belief in oneself. In order to successfully perform the Fire Walk, it is essential to be in the right state of mind and have complete confidence that one can walk through the hot and glowing coals without sustaining any burns. Fariba’s guidance has enabled many to successfully complete the Fire Walk and achieve a remarkable feat.

Fariba possesses a unique ability to swiftly and effectively guide individuals back into the right state of mind necessary to successfully walk across the fire. Through careful observation of their posture, body language, and eye movements, she is able to determine when a person is not in the optimal state of mind and quickly intervene to redirect their focus. By doing so, she empowers individuals to regain their confidence and certainty, ultimately enabling them to walk across the hot coals with ease. Fariba encourages individuals to visualize the cool, refreshing moss that awaits them on the other side of the fire, helping to reinforce a sense of belief and determination throughout the entire process.

After successfully walking across the fire, individuals experience a transformative shift in their belief in their own mental strength, realizing that they can make anything a reality through focused belief. Fariba is highly skilled at recognizing those who may struggle with this belief, and prevents them from attempting the Fire Walk. She understands that if one does not have the necessary belief, they will likely end up burning. This serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible strength of the human mind.

Fariba has prevented many individuals from sustaining burns and blisters on their feet when walking across real fires, which can cause serious injuries and even require hospitalization for some.

For more than 27 years, Fariba has been deeply involved with Tony Robbins International and the Tony Robbins Foundation. Tony Robbins has had a profound impact on many young adults and teens who were on a negative path in life, helping them to see where they were headed and make a U-turn to turn their lives around. Thanks to Tony Robbins and his teachings, these individuals now lead fulfilling, successful lives. Fariba’s commitment to this cause has been steadfast, and she has worked tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Fariba is a distinguished graduate of Mastery University, having completed the rigorous Leadership Academy and Trainer’s Academy programs with full honors. She has also volunteered as a crew member and staff member at numerous Mastery University events across the country.

Fariba’s dedication to giving back to fellow attendees at Tony Robbins’ events has led to her volunteering as a crew member multiple times. As a Mastery University graduate with full honors, she has been assigned to help others take massive steps towards achieving great results by guiding them through the exercises Tony Robbins has them practice during live events. In addition to her work as a crew member, Fariba is also a Master Fire Walker who understands the power of mind control when it comes to walking through fires without burning. She emphasizes the importance of being in a state of certainty and belief, as faking it can lead to disastrous outcomes. Fariba’s message is clear: without focus and certainty, we are just going through the motions in life.

Fariba has maintained a continuous membership with Santa Clara Association of Realtors (SCCOAR) for over 35 years. Similarly, Fariba has also been an active member of MLS Listings (and its previous iterations) for the past 35 years without any interruption, even as the name of the MLS has changed over time. In addition, Fariba holds memberships with the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.